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2017 Undergraduate Catalog 1.1 (WINTER - SPRING) 
2017 Undergraduate Catalog 1.1 (WINTER - SPRING) [ARCHIVED CATALOG - Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Board of Trustees



Mark A. Pilipczuk ‘88
Managing Director
MAP Consulting, LLC
Sterling, VA
Vice Chairperson
Robert A. Brvenik ‘77
Paragon Outlet Partners
Baltimore, MD
Eugene F. Quadraro Jr. ‘71
Director of Operations (Retired)
Metropolitan Life
Oriskany, NY

Vice Chairperson
John P. Casellini ‘81
Ways and Means NY LLC
Albany, NY


Vice Chairperson
Heidi M. Hoeller ‘91
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Boston, MA



Harriet Anne “Pat” Bamdad ‘65
Community Leader and Psychiatric Social Worker (Retired)
Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center
West Palm Beach, FL
Andrew R. Hislop ‘84
President and CEO
Lecesse Construction
West Henrietta, NY
Kenneth D. Bell ‘75
Regional President (Retired)
Pittsford, NY
Cecelia M. Holloway ‘79
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
Lincoln Financial Media
Atlanta, GA
Lauren E. Bull ‘74
President and CEO
Bull Brothers, Inc.
Utica, NY
Daniel B. Jones ‘97
Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
New Hartford, NY
John J. Calabrese, Sr. ‘90
Express Employment Professionals
Utica, NY
Stephen Karboski ‘12
Funeral Director
Nunn and McGrath 
Utica, NY
Dr. Laura M. Casamento *
Utica College
Utica, NY
Jacqueline Klotzbach ‘10
Director of Marketing and Communications
The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties
Utica, NY
Honorable Bernadette Clark
NYS Supreme Court Justice
Oneida County Court House
Utica, NY
Gary M. Kunath ‘79
GMK Holdings
Boonville, NY
John H. Costello III ‘66
President and CEO (Retired)
CNFA, Inc.
Vero Beach, FL
Christopher Max, M.D.
Vascular and General Surgeon
Max and Blom, MDs PC
Utica, NY
Thomas F. Cox Jr. ‘69
Partner-in-Charge (Retired)
Bluffton, SC
Christian W. Meyer III ‘79
Meyer Contracting Corp.
Pleasant Valley, NY
Ronald A. Cuccaro ‘66
President and CEO
Adjusters International
Utica, NY
Michael Parsons
President and CEO
First Source Federal Credit Union
New Hartford, NY
Harry J. Cynkus ‘71
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer (Retired)
Rollins, Inc.
Dunwoody, GA
Russell J. Petralia
Ashford Management Group
Utica, NY
Frederick Degen ‘70
Helmer Johnson Misiaszek & Kenealy
Utica, NY
Linda E. Romano, Esq.
Romano First Properties Group
Utica, NY
James F. DuRoss Jr.
Vice President
Temco Service Industries, Inc.
New Hartford, NY
Solade E. Rowe ‘94
Wesley, Brown and Bartle
Garden City, NJ
Allyn R. Earl ‘62
Associate Professor Emeritus of Finance
Utica College
Utica, NY
Mark P. Salsbury ‘79
Salsbury Human Capital Management, LLC
Vero Beach, Florida
Marianne Gaige
President and CEO
Cathedral Corporation
Rome, NY
John H. Snyder ‘95, Esq.
Gitto & Niefer LLP
New Hartford, NY
The Honorable Linda C. Griffin ‘72
Judge (Retired)
Rensselaer County Family Court 
Stephentown, NY
Philip Taurisano ‘70
POS Credit Corporation (PCC)
East Syracuse, NY
Bruce Hamilton
Bruce Hamilton Architects, Inc.
New Ipswich, NH
Jeremy C. Thurston ‘00
Hayner Hoyt Corp.
Syracuse, NY
The Honorable Samuel D. Hester
Supreme Court Justice (Retired)
Oneida County Supreme Court
Rome, NY

* Indicates ex-officio member

Emeriti Directors of the Utica College Foundation

The Utica College Foundation was a separate legal entity incorporated to seek funds and assets in support of the College’s needs. Members of the Board of Trustees served simultaneously as directors of the Foundation.

Lansing G. Baker, Ph.D.
John L. Knower
Joseph J. Bialek
Richard B. Lewis ‘65 (Deceased)
The Honorable Sherwood Boehlert ‘61, D.L.
Frank P. Mammone ‘50 (Deceased)
Roswell W. Buckingham ‘50 (Deceased)
Albert S. Mazloom, ‘58
Thomas J. Cahill Jr. ‘49, D.H.L. (Deceased)
Donald C. McLoughlin ‘52
Ambrose J. deFlumere (Deceased)
Paul F. McMahon ‘68
The Honorable Vincent A. DeIorio ‘52
Murray L. Nusbaum, M.D.
Rocco A. DePerno ‘65, Esq.
F. Eugene Romano, D.L.
John A. Donohue Sr. ‘57
William L. Schrauth
Edward W. Duffy ‘50, D.H.L.
Thomas D. Sheldon, Ph.D. (Deceased)
Charles A. Gaetano, D.L.
Michael K. Simpson, Ph.D.
Charles R. Getty
Joseph C. Talarico ‘63
Mary K. Griffith
Dwight E. Vicks Jr. (Deceased)
Victor J. Grimaldi ‘55 (Deceased)
George B. Waters
M. Gilbert Hubbard, Esq. (Deceased)
Henry G. Williams ‘51
William E. Jakes

Former Members

George F. Aney, Esq. Ronald Mack ‘73 (Deceased)
Charles A. Bacon III ‘82 Edward Martin, Jr. ‘62
Natalie L. Brown ‘80 John L. Martin ‘59, Esq., D.L.
Thomas G. Brown, Ph.D.** (Deceased) Theodore E. Martin ‘61, D.C.S.
Robert T. Bullock ‘69 Ronald E. Mason ‘74
Michael D. Button ‘75 Stanley Mattos ‘77
Nancy Cantor, Ph.D.* Albert S. Mazloom ‘58
Joseph R. Carucci (Deceased) Jeremiah McCarthy, Jr.
Owen Comora ‘53 Thomas J. Nelson ‘69/’90
Eugene R. Corasanti (Deceased) Cathy M. Newell
Rosario Dalia ‘63 Mary A. Packer ‘74
William Doescher Anthony Palumbo, M.D.
Susan Doolittle ‘71 William E. Parry ‘73
William D. Eggers Nancy DePaolo Pattarini ‘77
Lawrence Gilroy John G. Pinto ‘63
Frank Giotto ‘71 Katherine Pyne
Steven Goldstein ‘69 James E. Reid ‘73
Gary F. Grates ‘81 J. Douglas Robinson
Andrew G. Guzzetti, ‘69 Kenneth A. Shaw, Ph.D.*
Richard Holcombe ‘69 The Honorable Norman I. Siegel
Dr. Brian Jackson ‘85 Michael K. Simpson, Ph.D.*
George Jones ‘60 Howard Terrillion ‘58
The Honorable Robert F. Julian ‘71 Theodore L. Tolles, Esq. (Deceased)
Christopher J. Kelly ‘61 Michael J. Valentine ‘66
Fred Knittle ‘50 (Deceased) Walter Williams ‘61
Salina E. LeBris ‘80 Harry Wolfe
Joel S. Lisker Richard J. Zick
Daniel Lowengard  

*Indicates ex-officio member
** Acting President of the College and ex-officio member, January 1998-July1998

Emeriti Members

The Honorable Sherwood Boehlert ‘61, D.L. John J. Meehan ‘61
Dominick D. Carbone Edward Mele (Deceased)
Harold T. Clark Jr. ‘65, D.L. Doris W. Miga
Vincent J. Coyne ‘66 John F. Millett ‘52, D.D.S. (Deceased)
Carolyn Dalton ‘74 Frank A. Mondi ‘62, V.M.D.
Mike Damsky Thomas J. Nelson ‘69/’90
Donald A. DeRosa ‘54 James Raymonda ‘55 (Deceased)
John A. Donohue Sr. ‘57 Charles Sprock Sr. ‘61
Joseph P. Furgal ‘50, D.H.L. (Deceased) Michael J. Valentine ‘66
Robert O. Hubbell ‘66 Stephen B. Waters
Sally L. Majka ‘61 John R. Zapisek ‘62