Oct 18, 2019  
2019 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER - FALL) 
2019 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER - FALL)

Programs of Study

Utica College offers instruction in the following disciplines. Not all disciplines, however, lead to the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Students must complete the requirements for at least one program of study marked B.A. or B.S. to be eligible for graduation (see Academic Policies and Procedures ). All Programs of Study at Utica College are registered by the New York State Education Department, Office of Higher Education, Room 979 EBA, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12234, (518) 474-5851.

See “Preparation for Graduate and Professional Schools ” for Certified Public Accountant, Law, Teaching, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Optometry, Osteopathic Medicine, Podiatry, and Chiropractic.

See “Joint Health Professions Programs ” for Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry, Osteopathic Medicine, and Chiropractic.

NOTE: Enrollment in other than registered or otherwise approved programs may jeopardize a student’s eligibility for certain student aid awards.

On-ground and Online