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2016 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER - FALL) 
2016 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER - FALL) [ARCHIVED CATALOG - Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Public Relations and Journalism (B.S.)

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(Bachelor of Science Degree)

Experience has demonstrated that there is a great deal of cross-over among professionals who make their careers in public relations and journalism, and therefore the combined program in public relations and journalism studies is devised to provide graduates with an educational background that will make them proficient in both fields. Required courses in the combined program include the basic courses which are required in both public relations and journalism. Graduates of the combined program find positions in public relations, daily and weekly publications, radio, television, and the magazine field.

Total credit hours required for degree: 120

Total credit hours required for the major (of which at least half must be at the 300 level or above): 54

Learning Objectives

Graduates will be able to:

  • Write competently on a professional level (i.e., write clear, concise, grammatically correct stories). - AND - Write logically, clearly, precisely and persuasively on a professional level.
  • Gather information through the use of traditional and digital media, and then write and/or produce accurate news stories on deadline.
  • Use relevant technologies to create and distribute journalistic work across multiple media platforms.
  • Behave professionally and operate effectively in a professional environment.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the historical significance and practical implications of mass communications.
  • Understand the scientific method of inquiry and display research-related writing skills.
  • Apply the four-step public relations strategic process: research, planning, communication tactics and evaluation.
  • Make effective oral presentations.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of and competence using computer and multimedia technology needed for entry-level public relations jobs.

Academic Requirements

See Core  section of this catalog.

Core: 34-55 Credit Hours

Major Electives

In consultation with your adviser, select six additional credits from public relations and/or journalism studies at the 200-level or above. JLM 290 , JLM 390 , JLM 490 , PRL 390 , PRL 490 , PRL 450 , PRL 470 , and JLM 470  may not be used to fulfill this requirement.

6 Credit Hours


The student must complete sufficient elective courses to earn at least the minimum credit hours required for this degree, and at least 60 credit hours of the 120 required must be in the liberal arts and sciences.


*Students wishing information about the public relations-journalism studies retention policy should consult with their academic adviser.

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