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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG - Consult with Your Academic Advisor for Your Catalog Year]

Administrative Officers and Staff


Administrative Offices and Staff

Office of the President

Todd S. Hutton, Ph.D. President
Kim Lambert, M.P.A. Senior Executive Associate to the President and Chief Planning Officer
Jacqueline M. Lynch Executive Assistant to the President and Recording Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Mariann Munson, B.S. Senior Administrative Assistant

Office of Institutional Research

Kim Lambert, M.P.A. Chief Planning Officer
Matthew Carr, M.S. Director, Institutional Research
Brandy Gray, M.S. Institutional Research Assistant

Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Judith A. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Robert M. Halliday, D. Phil. Senior Associate Provost, Dean of Graduate Studies
Polly Smith, Ph.D. Associate Provost for Online Learning
Marie T. Miknavich, M.A. Director, Academic Assessment
Jo Ann Hayward Senior Administrative Assistant

Office of Graduate Studies

Robert M. Halliday, D. Phil. Dean, Graduate Studies
Tracy Balduzzi, M.S. Director, Graduate Program Operations

Schools of Arts and Sciences

John H. Johnsen, Ph.D. Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Mary Anne Hutchinson, Ph.D. Associate Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
Sharon Wise, Ph.D. Associate Dean, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Sherri Cash, Ph.D. Chair, History and International Studies
Douglas Croft, M.A. WPNR Radio Station Chief Operator and Station Manager
Linda Dake, Ph.D. Chair, Physics
Jan DeAmicis, Ph.D. Chair, Sociology/Anthropology
Jason Denman, Ph.D. Chair, English
Carol Downing, Ph.D. Chair, Communication Arts
Brad Emmons, Ph.D. Chair, Mathematics
Mary Anne Hutchinson, Ph.D. Chair, Liberal Studies MSLS
Mary Anne Hutchinson, Ph.D. Chair, Liberal Studies Undergraduate
Sharon Kanfoush, Ph.D. Chair, Geology
Marijean Levering, Ph.D. Chair, Performing and Fine Arts
Thomas McCarthy, Ph.D. Chair, Biology
Luke Perry, Ph.D. Chair, Government and Politics
Curtis Pulliam, Ph.D. Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Christopher Riddle, Ph.D. Chair, Philosophy
Angel Rivera, Ph.D. Chair, Computer Science
Steven Specht, Ph.D. Chair, Psychology
Juan Thomas, Ph.D. Chair, Foreign Language
Debra Wilson-Allam, M.A. Director, Intensive English Program

School of Business and Justice Studies

James Norrie, D.P.M. Dean, School of Business and Justice Studies
William Virkler, M.B.A. Associate Dean, Student and Stakeholder Engagement
Richard Fenner, Ph.D. Chair, Business and Economics
Stephanie Nesbitt, J.D. Director, Graduate MBA and Risk Management and Insurance Programs
David Dubbelde, Ph.D. Director, Construction Management Program
Joseph Giordano, M.S.Ed. Director Graduate Cyber Programs
Jordan Huang, Ph.D. Director, Research
Arthur Caster, Ph.D. Coordinator, Accounting Program
Donald Rebovich, Ph.D. Chair, Economic Crime and Justice Studies
Suzanne Lynch, M.S. Director, Graduate ECM Programs
Paul MacArthur, M.P.S. Chair, Public Relations and Journalism Program
David Chanatry, M.S. Director, Raymond Simon Convergence Media Center

School of Health Professions and Education

Harry Slife, Ph.D. Dean, School of Health Professions and Education
Annette Becker, D.N.S. Director, Nursing RN-BS Program
Catherine Brownell, Ph.D. Chair, Nursing
Sara Burnett-Wolle, Ph.D. Chair, Life Studies
Paula Carey, O.T.D. Coordinator, Occupational Therapy Weekend Program
Maria DeGiglio, M.A. Director, Health Care Advocacy and Navigation Program
TBA Director, Nursing Traditional Program
Dawn Evans, D.P.T. Director, Physical Therapy Clinical Education
TBA Interim Director, Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program
Patrice Hallock, Ph.D. Chair, Education
Dana Hart, Ph.D. Director, Health Care Administration Program
Nancy Hollins, Ph.D. Chair, Occupational Therapy Program
Shauna Malta, D.P.T. Chair, Physical Therapy Program
Denise McVay, D.P.T. Director, Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Mary Siniscarco, M.S. Chair, Health Studies
Colleen Sunderlin, Ph.D. Coordinator, Occupational Therapy Weekday Program

Special Academic Programs

Ralph Craig, M.S. Director, Math Center
Lawrence Day, Ph.D. Director, Honors Program
Dorothy Obeernesser, M.A. Director, Writing Center
Sharon Kanfoush, Ph.D. Coordinator, Faculty Development
Theodore Orlin, J.D. Pre-Law Adviser
Adam Pack, Ph.D. Pre-Med Adviser
Terri Provost, Ph.D. Director, First Year Seminar
Carolynne Whitefeather, M.F.A. Director, Edith Langley Barrett Art Gallery

Special Institutes and Centers

Judith A. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. Director, Centro Studi Casauriensi
Donald Rebovich, Ph.D. Executive Director, Center for Identity Management and Information Protection
Raymond Philo, M.A. Executive Director, Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute
Dana Hart, Ph.D. Director, Leadership Institute
Richard Fenner, Ph.D. Director, Mohawk Valley Center for Economic Education
Juan A. Thomas, Ph.D. Director, Eugene Paul Nassar Ethnic Heritage Studies Center
Patrice Hallock, Ph.D. Chair, Institute for Excellence in Education
Christopher Riddle, Ph.D. Chair, Institute of Applied Ethics
Kim Landon, M.A. Executive Director, Raymond Simon Institute for Public Relations
Patricia Swann, M.S. Assistant Director, Raymond Simon Institute for Public Relations
Alex Thomas, Ph.D. Director, Utica Center for Small City and Rural Studies

Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library

Beverly J. Marcoline, M.L.S. Assistant Vice President, Library and Learning Commons
Elizabeth J. Caraco, B.A. Coordinator of Circulation
Anne M. Flynn, B.S. Archivist
Herbert L. LaGoy, M.L.I.S. Cataloger/Metadata Librarian II, Coordinator of Technical Services
Jan Malcheski, M.L.S. Reference Librarian: Coordinator of Electronic Resources
Travis Olivera, B.S. Resource Sharing and Electronic Reserves Coordinator
Lisa M. Rogers, M.S.L.I.S. Reference Librarian II: Coordinator of Learning Commons Services and Instruction
Deborah A. Seiselmyer, B.A. Serials Cataloger
Nancy A. Virgil-Call, M.L.S. Assistant Director of Library Reference: Librarian III: Coordinator of Access Services
Janis C. Winn, M.L.J.S. Reference Librarian III: Coordinator of Reference Services and Collection Development

International Education

Dorothy M. Lewis, Ph.D. Interim Dean, International Education
Daniel O’Toole, M.S. Director, International Programs
Lisa Tehan, B.S. Coordinator, International Education


Craig P. Dewan, M.S. Registrar
Lynn Decker, M.B.A. Assistant Registrar, Academic Services
Nertila Gegollari, M.S. Transfer Credit Evaluator
Amy Lewis Transfer Credit Evaluator
Mariah MaLoon, B.S. Transfer Credit Evaluator
Kathleen Novak, B.A. Assistant Registrar, Systems and Reporting Services
Mary Amanda Reeder, M.A. Assistant Registrar, Transfer Services Coordinator

Student Affairs

Stephen M. Pattarini, M.S. Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Success
Alane P. Varga, M.A. Dean of Students
Marissa Finch, B.S. Area Coordinator
Kari Beane, M.Ed. Assistant Director, CSTEP
Judy Borner, M.S.W. Learning Specialist
Dawn DeGironimo Staff Nurse
Laura Flagg, M.S. Counselor
Joseph Gutowski, M.S. Director, Student Activities
Robert Harvey Sergeant, Campus Safety
Kateri T. Henkel, M.S. Director of Learning Services
Alexandra Kraus, M.S. Counselor
Bruce Klaus Captain, Campus Safety
Carl Lohmann, M.S. Director, Residence Life
Halina Lotyczewski, M.S.W. Director, Career Services
Frances Lucia Activities Advisor/Events Coordinator
Johnni F. Mahdi, M.A. Director, Opportunity Programs
Michelle Morrow, Ph.D. Director of Counseling and Student Development
Julie L. Murawski, R.N., M.S., A.N.P. Director, Student Health Center
Louise Phelps, A.S. Senior Administrative Assistant
Jacquelyn Pickette, M.S. Counselor II
Bethany Piraino, M.S. Assistant Director, Student Activities
Rosemarie Pupparo, M.S. Counselor
Derek Pooley, B.A. Area Coordinator
John Salazzo, B.A. Area Coordinator
Charleen Sangiacomo, B.A. Senior Administrative Assistant
Shane Smith, B.S. Sergeant, Campus Safety
Wayne Sullivan Director, Campus Safety
Jenna Turman, M.S. Employer Relations Coordinator/Counselor
Stephanie Weishaupt, M.S. Assistant Director, Residence Life
D. Scott Welch Campus Safety
TBA Area Coordinator

Physical Education and Athletics

David Fontaine, M.S. Director of Physical Education and Athletics
James B. Murnane, M.S. Associate Director, Athletics/Intramurals Director
Gil R. Burgmaster, B.A. Assistant Director, Athletics/Sports Information
Aris Bird, M.S. Head Coach, Volleyball
W. David Clausen, B.A. Head Coach, Women’s Ice Hockey
Christopher Connolly, B.A. Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
Dawn Corbin, M.Ed. Assistant Athletic Trainer
James Kramer, M.S. Assistant Coach, Football
Michele L. Davis, M.S. Senior Women’s Administrator, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball
William Dundon, B.S. Head Coach, Golf
Sarah Elleman, M.A. Head Coach, Field Hockey
Blaise Faggiano, M.Ed. Head Coach, Football
Marcus Gurdineer, B.A. Assistant Coach, Football
Gary J. Heenan, M.S. Head Coach, Men’s Ice Hockey
Erin Massoud, B.A. Aquatics Director, Head Coach, Swimming and Diving and Water Polo
Claire McClain, B.S. Head Coach, Women’s Soccer
Brian L. Marcantonio, B.A. Head Coach, Men’s Soccer
Joseph M. Milazzo, M.S. Head Coach, Baseball
Patrick Mineo Head Coach, Softball
John C. Nigro Head Coach, Tennis
Michael C. Parnell, B.A. Head Coach, Men’s Lacrosse
William Pluff, M.S. Assistant Coach, Football
Jason Rose, M.A. Head Coach, Track and Field and Cross Country
Kristen St. Hillaire, B.S. Head Coach, Women’s Lacrosse
Marc Spaziani, B.A. Assistant Director, Sports Information/Administrative Assistant
Daniel J. Sheffer, M.S., A.T.C. Head Athletic Trainer
Christopher Warner, B.S. Assistant Athletic Trainer

Young Scholar Liberty Partnerships Program

Florence S. Mitchell, Ph.D. Director
Thomas Fletcher, M.S. Academic Coordinator
Mary Hayes Gordon, M.S. Assistant Director

Office of the Executive Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer

Laura M. Casamento, M.B.A. Executive Vice President and Chief Advancement Officer
Trisha J. Barone, B.S. Project Manager for Administrative Operations and Associate Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President


Timothy J. Nelson, M.S. Assistant Vice President, Principal and Planned Gifts
Anthony Villanti, B.S. Executive Director, Development
Nicholas A. Accordino, M.S. Development Officer
Kelly Adams, M.S. Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Kirsten Barton, B.A. Development Officer
Jamie Callari, B.A. Graphic Designer
Carl S. Dziekan, J.D., C.P.A. Director, Planned Giving
John Forbes, B.A. Executive Director, Annual Giving
Jaime Evanoff, B.S. Direct Appeals Coordinator
Melissa L. Foote, B.S. Director, Advancement Research
Brian Grady, B.A. Director of Parents Programs and Athletics Development
Christine Kisiel, M.B.A. Executive Director, Constituent Relations
Mark C. Kovacs, M.S. Director, Alumni and Parent Relations
Christine D. Leogrande, M.A. Director, Media Relations
Debra McQueary, A.S. Coordinator, Conference/Meeting Services
Ryan C. Mortensen, B.A. Web Developer
Laurence P. Pacilio, B.A. Director, Photography
Joseph Perry, M.A. Director, Creative Services
Marguerite F. Plescia, B.A. Director, Government Programs, Corporations, and Foundations
Tracy M. Pratt, M.Ed. Business Development Associate
Joni L. Pulliam, M.S. Executive Director, Corporate Programs and Conference/Meeting Services
Camille Sciortino, B.A. Coordinator, Corporate and Foundation Partnerships
Kevin Waldron, B.F.A. Director, Publications

Enrollment Management

Jeffery T. Gates, Ph.D. Vice President for Enrollment Management
Donna Shaffner, B.A. Assistant Vice President, Undergraduate Admissions
Robyn Bailey Coordinator, Student Financial Services Coordinator
Jamie Barcomb, B.A. Student Financial Services Packaging Coordinator
Laura Bedford, M.S. Executive Director, Student Financial Services
Stephanie Bonk, A.A.S. Student Financial Services Counselor
Susan Boucher, B.A. Director of Student Financial Counseling
Anastasia Brencher, M.A. Assistant Director of Admissions
Linda Clark, A.A.S. Financial Services Coordinator
Alexis Cooper, B.A. Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Lynn Cope, A.A.S. Assistant Director, Graduate Admissions
Lauryn Davis, B.S. Academic Coaching Expert
Ryan Dembrow, B.S. Student Financial Services Coordinator
Kyle Dempster, B.S. Student Financial Services Counselor (ASDN)
Connor Downing, M.S. Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Anna Drake, B.A. Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Abdullah (John) Erdogmus, M.B.A. International Student Recruiter
Carol Fitzsimmons Student Financial Services Senior Coordinator Packaging
Adam Goodhines Student Financial Services Counselor
Karolina Holl, B.S. Associate Director, Student Financial Counseling
Kaylynn Iglesias, M.S. Senior Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions and Business Development
Britnee McGuire, B.S. Academic Coaching Expert
Michele Harris Student Financial Services Counselor
Katherine Hoover Student Financial Services Coordinator
Karen Lorraine, A.A.S. Assistant Director, Student Financial Counseling, eLearning Programs
Brittnee McGuire, M.S. Academic Coaching Expert
Jessica R. Nelson, M.S. Director, Enrollment Operations
Eric Padilla, B.A. Director, NYC Engagement
Anne Patterson, M.E.D. Student Financial Services Counselor eLearning Programs
Frank Percacciante, M.S. Academic Coaching Expert
Joanne R. Pluff, B.S. Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Richard J. Racioppa, M.A. Director for Student Success
John D. Rowe, M.A. Executive Director, Graduate Admissions
Erica Scholl, B.A. Student Financial Services Packaging Coordinator
Daniel Shanley, B.A. Senior Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Sandra Shepardson, B.P.S. Student Financial Services Coordinator
Caryn Snitchler, B.A. Student Financial Services Counselor, e-Learning Programs
Brittany Toth, B.A. Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Gail A. Tuttle, B.A. Director, Student Account Operations
Jennifer Urbanke, A.A.S. Coordinator, Student Financial Services Coordinator
Courtney Witherspoon, M.S. Coordinator of Orientation Programs
Jean Zerbe Senior Administrative Assistant

Financial Affairs

Tammara Raub, B.A., C.P.A. Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer
Pamela Salmon, B.B.A., C.P.A. Comptroller and Assistant Treasurer
Colleen Bentley-Ciccone, A.S. Assistant Director of Business Services
Gary A. Carrock, B.S. Staff Accountant - Academic Packaging
Gwen Connors, B.S. General Accounting Specialist
Robert H. Cross Jr., B.T. Director, Environmental Health and Conservation
Brandy Dodge, A.A.S. Senior Administrative Assistant
Kristin Haag, B.S., C.P.A. Academic Financial Analyst
Ann McGowan, B.S., C.P.A. Financial Analyst
Lisa Rabideau Communication Services Coordinator
Jack Reader, M.S. Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Operations
Bobbi H. Smorol, B.S. Director, Business Services
Colleen M. Sorbello, B.S. Staff Accountant - General

Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Walter DeSocio, J.D. Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel
Mariann Munson, B.S. Senior Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

Lisa Green, B.S., P.H.R. Assistant Vice President, Human Resources and Personnel Development
Anne M. Flynn, B.S. HRIS Administrator
Kristin L. Phelps, B.S. Employment Specialist
Linda Madore, B.A. Compensation and Benefits Manager
Stacey Phillips Payroll Administrator
Rebecca Sullivan Student Employment Coordinator
Caren Summers, M.A. Payroll and Wellness and Coordinator
Lesley Wallace, B.A. Employment Manager

Office of Integrated Information Technology Services

Vijay Sonty, M.S. Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer
Dominic Aiello, B.A. AV Support Specialist and Evening Supervisor
Michael Clapsadl, M.S. Coordinator of Computer User Services
William M. Dundon, B.S. Programmer Analyst
Gregory Farley, B.S. Instructional Technologist
James C. Farr, M.S. Information Security Officer and Instructional Technologist
Carmen Filletti, B.S. Programmer Analyst
Scott M. Getz, B.S. Systems Administrator
Jeremy Gibbs, B.S. Network Engineer
Katie Hanifin, M.S. Instructional Designer
Joanne Hathaway Senior Administrative Assistant
Keith Henry, B.S. Multimedia Support Specialist
Scott A. Humphrey, M.S. Director, College Information and Application Services
John Kaftan, B.S. Infrastructure Manager
Jason Lewin, M.S. Director, User Services
Stacy A. Ludwikowski, M.S. Programmer Analyst
Derek J. MacTurk, B.S. Computer Support Specialist
Robert Miller, J.D. Instructional Applications Specialist
Diane M. Morisey, B.S. Programmer, Analyst
Candice Ossowski, M.S. Web Development Manager
David Parker, B.S. Systems Administrator
Michael Stockman, B.S. Programmer Analyst
Douglas Tichensky, B.S. Programmer Analyst
Christopher Specht, B.S. AV Instructional Support Specialist
James Wilson, B.A. Systems Administrator

School of Online and Extended Studies

Dale L. Scalise-Smith, Ph.D. Vice President, School of Online and Extended Studies and External Partnerships
Jody Bianco, A.A.S. Senior Administrative Assistant
Nicole Cornacchia-Morgan, M.S. Success Coach
Rose Patterson, M.A. Director of Online Design and Innovation
Jeffrey Percacciante, B.A. Success Coach
Diane Shephard, A.A.S. Success Coach
Michelle Ward, M.S. Director of Administrative Services

Emeriti Administrators

Thomas Brown
James Carrig
John Ford
Kenneth Kelly
Carol Mackintosh
Michael Simpson
Mary Lee Seibert
James Spartano
R. Barry White
Robert Woods