May 26, 2024  
2024 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER-FALL) 
2024 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER-FALL)

Financial Crimes Investigator (Certificate) - Hegis Code 5505.00

The purpose of this program is to provide course content focused on those topics essential to preparation for a career in the investigation of financial crimes. The program is designed specifically for individuals employed in law enforcement positions or in private sector industries impacted by financial crime. (Students who already are matriculated in a degree program are not eligible for the certificate.) The undergraduate Certificate in Financial Crimes Investigator is offered only online.

Total credit hours required for the certificate: 18

Certificate Learning Objectives:
  • Analyze money laundering and fraud activity in public and private organizations through transactional analysis.
  • Evaluate the impact of global crime and corruption as it applies to fraud examination.
  • Employ technology in order to prevent, detect and investigate internal and external financial crimes in organizations.
  • Identify scenarios and activities that may violate applicable laws and regulations