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2024 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER-FALL) 
2024 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER-FALL)

Accounting (B.S.) - Hegis Code 0502.00

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(Bachelor of Science Degree)

The accounting major prepares students a career in public and accounting, including non-profit, governmental and education. Public accounting is a recognized state-licensed profession that embraces the areas of financial statement preparation, auditing, financial investigations, design and installation of accounting systems, and taxation. Private and other accounting alternatives also engage in the above activities, though the focus is primarily on the single entity-the employer. Graduates may find a variety of opportunities, including responsible positions in a public accounting firm or other business and not-for-profit or governmental entities.

Transfer students must complete at least 15 hours of accounting at Utica University.

Public Accounting Concentration

As a licensed profession, public accounting is subject to regulation by the State of New York. As of August 2009, to be eligible to sit for the CPA licensure examination, a candidate must have completed 150 semester hours of coursework, including work in a number of related specified fields (management, marketing, finance, law, computer science, and statistics). Successful completion of this undergraduate major, along with the Utica University MBA in Professional Accountancy, will constitute eligibility to take the CPA licensure examination. Students with the undergraduate accounting major Public Accounting concentration who maintain a 3.0 or better GPA will be automatically accorded acceptance into the college’s MBA - Professional Accountancy program. Students with less than a 3.0 undergraduate GPA wishing to pursue the MBA may be asked at the discretion of the MBA program director to submit a GMAT score.

Further information about CPA certification is found in the Public Accountancy Handbook. A copy of this publication may be obtained without cost by writing to the Office of the Professions, Professional Licensing Services, Cultural Education Center, Albany, NY 12230. Information is also available on the web at http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/cpa/.

Business Program Learning Goals:

  • Understand the structure of an organization and processes for managing them.
  • Identify and interpret legal and ethical issues in the global business environment.
  • Consume and produce quantitative and qualitative information in order to facilitate business and/or economic decision-making.
  • Solve business and organizational problems using analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Apply rudimentary concepts from the management of technology discipline to people, process, and technology management challenges in a modern organization.
  • Recognize the impact of the global and multi-cultural environment on managing a business.
  • Employ oral communication skills to influence a professional audience.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in written communications across multiple platforms and purposes.

Accounting Major Program Learning Goals:

  • Prepare a financial statement and interpret financial information for decision-making.
  • Apply accounting and non-accounting information for internal decision-making and control.
  • Recognize and incorporate regulatory, tax, and ethical considerations and business decisions.
  • Explain attestation and demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and processes involved in performing an audit.  

Special Requirements

A grade of C or better is required for each major course. For major-related courses a C average is required.

Academic Requirements

Core/General Education: 34-55 Credit Hours

Effective for the 2022-2023 academic year, Utica University has implemented a new general education program that replaces Core. Students who are admitted, or readmitted, for the 2022- 2023 academic year or later must follow the requirements of the General Education program. Students admitted prior to the 2022-2023 academic year must follow the requirements of the Core program. For full details of program requirements, see the catalog pages for the Core program and the General Education program. Students with specific questions should consult with their academic adviser or success coach.

42 Credit Hours

19 Credit Hours


The student must complete sufficient elective courses to earn at least the minimum credit hours required for this degree, and at least 60 credit hours of the 120 required must be in the liberal arts and sciences.

Program Credits

Core/General Education 34-55 Credits
Business Requirements 42 Credits
Major Course Requirements 19 Credits
Concentration 12 Credits
University Electives 0-13 Credits
Total Credit Hours Required For Degree 120 Credits


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