Apr 13, 2024  
2024 Undergraduate Catalog 1.1 (WINTER-SPRING) 
2024 Undergraduate Catalog 1.1 (WINTER-SPRING)

Performance and Public Address (Minor)

The minor in Performance and Public Address helps students master the skill of public speaking in a variety of contexts. Each day we are called to communicate in a variety of ways, and experts in public address are rare and sorely needed.

Public communication is repeatedly cited by leaders in all fields as a key skill for success. People who can speak their mind persuasively and poetically can easily step into leadership roles and better advocate on behalf of themselves and others. No matter what field you choose to enter, public communication skills are highly valued.

Upon completing the minor, students will:

1. Understand multiple modes of public address

2. Produce compelling oral performances that meet the needs of a variety of audiences and contexts

3. Be able to constructively analyze and critique the public performances of others

4. Understand the implications of calling public address a type of performance.

Total credit hours required for minor: 15