Apr 13, 2024  
2024 Undergraduate Catalog 1.1 (WINTER-SPRING) 
2024 Undergraduate Catalog 1.1 (WINTER-SPRING)

Law, Justice, and Society (Minor)

The minor in Law, Justice, and Society is designed to provide an in-depth, interdisciplinary perspective on law. The minor focuses on the complex relationship between law and society, as well as how law is related to justice. Students in the Law, Justice, and Society minor will learn a holistic way of thinking about the interactions of law, justice, and society that will serve them well whether they go into law or another field.

Program Learning Goals
Students in the Law, Justice, and Society minor will be able to:
1. examine law in its various theoretical, institutional, and historical forms as it exists ideally and in practice;
2. analyze how political and social contexts shape the creation, use, and understanding of law; and
3. evaluate how social forces and identity shape the understanding and use of law, as well as lead to challenges regarding what constitutes legitimate authority
Total Credit Hours Required for the Minor: 18
Note: At least 9 credit hours must be at the 300 level or above

18 Credit Hours