Oct 02, 2022  
2022 Graduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER-FALL) 
2022 Graduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER-FALL)

Adolescence Education, Grades 7-12 (M.S.)

This is a program of study for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in the subject area they plan to teach but who do not meet the New York State requirements for initial certification in adolescence education. Teaching areas open to students at Utica University are English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and the social studies (degrees in economics, history, government, politics, or an equivalent degree to the sociology/anthropology degree awarded by Utica University). Students who wish to add certification to teach grades 5-6 may do so by taking additional courses.

In addition, students must meet the following requirement (which may be satisfied at either the graduate or undergraduate level):

  • one year of college-level study in a language other than English

Students seeking certification to teach social studies must also meet the following requirements (which may be satisfied at either the graduate or undergraduate level)

  • Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits) and
  • American National Government (3 credits) and
  • 21 credit hours in history

Academic Requirements (46 Credit Hours)

Middle Childhood Extension

May be taken in conjunction with Adolescence (Grades 7-12) Education Program

Grades 5-6