Oct 25, 2021  
2021 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER-FALL) 
2021 Undergraduate Catalog 1.2 (SUMMER-FALL)

Health Care Management (B.S.) - Hegis Code 1202

(Bachelor of Science Degree)

This major, offered both on-ground and online, is designed for students who plan to enter the health or health-related professions in a managerial capacity. Majors include students planning graduate work in health management or health-related government service upon graduation, and students interested in exploring the areas of healthcare management and planning applications in the context of a liberal arts background. (The degree does not lead to a professional credential or prepare the student for licensure in any of the health fields.)

Learning Objectives

Graduates from this program will be able to:

  • Identify and interpret the knowledge base and  skills needed for a career in Health Care Management
  • Analyze issues of leadership in healthcare organizations.
  • Describe the social and economic structure of health care in the United States

Academic Requirements

See Core  section of this catalog.

Core: 34-55 Credit Hours

39 Credit Hours

27 Credit Hours


The student must complete sufficient elective courses to earn at least the minimum credit hours required for this degree, and at least 60 credit hours of the 120 required must be in the liberal arts and sciences. Students are encouraged to select electives that will complement their major course of study, for example, courses in Anthropology, Communications, Political Science, History, International Studies, Law, and Sociology.

Program Credits

Core 34-55 Credits
Business Requirements 39 Credits
Major Course Requirements 27 Credits
College Electives 6-28 Credits
Total Credit Hours Required For Degree 120 Credits